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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Blame it On Cupcake!

I'm Sorry I have been away from my blog so long, I really haven't had a chance to get through all the Where Bloggers Create Party but will as time permits, meanwhile I have been sidetracked by my "Cupcake" here. This is a little of what we have been up too.  which includes feeding the ducks, fun at the park, swings, ice cream, painting and just generally having fun! I hope you are all having a great summer and after this batch of heat we have had and all the crazy weather everywhere I bet everyone is looking forward to fall already, I know I am:) Swing away to have some more fun!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Welcome to the Party! Where Bloggers Create 2013

Welcome to the party, Where Blogger's Create hosted by the lovely Karen Valentine of  My Desert Cottage  A big shout out and Thank you Karen for hosting this fun event every year and this will be the 5th year in a row that Karen has done this. This is my 4th year participating. I'm know it is alot of work and I also know how much work everyone puts into cleaning and fussing to get their beautiful studios or spaces ready. Hopefully you can visit many over the next few weeks and be inspired by what others create and how they store their junk, treasured supplies! I love the way you have merged my blogs into one Karen! Thank you again!
 This is Abigail, my newest creation, inspired by a recent class I have just finished over at the Artful Gathering. The best of both worlds as I have enjoyed the process of working with paper clay and vintage fabrics. My other love of course is Fabric journals which I occasionally stray away from  but always return. Would you believe Abigail's dress was made from a pair of lace shorts I purchased in a yard sale. What fun and what a challenge that was! I found it necessary to hand sew almost all of it to make it work, except her bloomers. Oh and I'm sure this crocheted lace is much happier on Abigail than being a pair of short, shorts!  This is only my second attempt at paper clay and I loved it so much that I hope to be making many more pieces with clay with fabrics as the base of inspiration. I think I have finally found my niche' for now anyway:)  Now for a peek  of my workspace, here and there throughout my home as I have more than one spot I like to work in.
The Family Room
Storage Inside A Closet  for all my Paper Crafting and Scrap booking supplies  that I use to make   family albums, Tags, Atc's  and Paper Dolls for Swaps                                                              
Treasures to Create With                                                                    

Jars and Jars of This N' That            

The Master Bedroom. 
I just moved back into this room about 2 weeks ago after taking everything out and re-arranging it. It does have a computer and storage unit on another wall and a bed to sleep, ha.. with all this fun stuff to do ahead of me, who has time to sleep?? I imagine by this time next year I will have shelves going up the wall with everything finally arranged and labeled, well a gal can dream.......

The new Sewing area that will just be devoted to Dolls and Fabric creations, by the way the Antique Dolly in the backround is wearing my Mom's baby dress from 1908!
 Fabrics plus I have more stashed in Trunks, Yikes!   I guess I better run it seems after I visit all the other Party gals studios I better get back to stitching!   

Monday, July 8, 2013

Tags in Review

While updating my new blog makeover I decided to carry over some of my past Artwork so I'm bring all my Tags over to revisit, what fun to see many that I had totally forgotten about.
Don't forget this  coming weekend is the big blog party for My Desert Cottage "Where Bloggers Create 2013"   Check out all the fun ways you can be inspired to make your workspace a fun place to spend your time.                                                                                                                                                      

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Tags, Tags and More Tags

Recently I merged my two blogs and have discontinued my Heartful Creations blog. Most of my Art was on the other blog so I thought I would post it over here and add it to this blog since many of you had not seen it and it is always fun to revisit past creations :)
Considering that I am Group leader over at  Roses on My Table  of the "Tag Art"  Tag Along Group  I thought it would be appropriate to start with Tags. Here are a few to start as I will add some each day until all are transferred over that I have photos of.
I hope you are all having a great summer and relaxing, creating or what ever you enjoy most. Think I'll go sip some lemonade on the front porch and enjoy my furry friend for a bit.


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wishing You All a Happy 4th of July!

Wishing you all a very Happy 4th of July!  I hope you rest, relax and and enjoy your weekend with family and friends or what ever you enjoy that makes you happy!

I would like to give a bog shout out and Thank You to Karen Valentine of  Valentine Designs  for giving my blog a makeover and merging my 2 blogs into one!  I just love it and it will be so much easier to maintain one blog! What was I thinking when I went for 2 ?????  ha... some of us just have to do it but when you have too many irons in the fire then something has to suffer so one blog had to go:) Now I do have all the bells and whistles, ummm I think, lol

Just a note to let you know I won't be running anymore post on my Heartful Creations Blog and that all Art will be posted here in the Art link on this blog.