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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Playing With the Birds Here!

I was having fun creating birds this past week so I tried out my hand at drawing and painting this Peacock named "Feathery Eyes" for a Journal page of mine over at the Journal Group at  Roses On My Table.  I finally gave up on getting a feather to look the way I wanted so I had a paper napkin in my stash with the Peacock feather on it so I collaged it in and "wala" I was pleased with the result:)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Doing The Happy Dance Here with Some Mixed Media Art to Share

Doing the Happy Dance here! A big Thank You and Shout out goes to  Karen of  Valentine Designs for helping me out with my Blog. My reading list was gone And my profile .....But with her talent she worked her magic way around it and fixed it all up:) I tried everything  and of course when going to the Blogger Help forum they said it was my problem with my computer, well they were Wrong, however that is another long story and I won't even go into it as it is now fixed for now. Thank you Karen for all your love, help, and support. It sure is great to have someone you can count on! I highly recommend you visit Karen if you every get blogged down in the Blog world. I do have to manually add the reading list one at a time, but it needed doing anyway as some were not  even relevant anymore. Until next time have a great week!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Crazy Quilted Hand

This is the hand I created for Pat Winter's CQing Quilt Project, I'll post it in the CQ Diva's Page on FB as Google has taken away with some glitch of theirs my Blog Reading list, sooo... until it is restored I'm unable to visit anyone's Blog Post, so sorry:) It won't let me add any either, Google is a Big Pain, they took over eBlogger causing lots of problems, I'm really unhappy about this!! Anyway off to FB to post there:) Have a great Weekend all!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Fall for Winter in Sunny CA.

As I was crunching through the crisp leaves on the driveway when  I went outside I thought I would share the lovely tree in our Front yard as it has been recently cool enough for the tree to turn colors. Usually the leaves are all blown away but this year has given us a taste of Fall for our Winter.

Leaving you with another beautiful gift that arrived before the holidays from my Dear friend Annette Graves, it was MIA for awhile and it seems our mail system is not what it used to be but it did finally arrive and I dearly love it! I would have posted sooner but we have had "da bug" as my granddaughter would call it so Im trying to get back into the swing of things, though not quite up to par yet(: 
Annette if you read this, know you are loved, xoxo  and I love my gift, thank you so much! I would add your blog link to this, however  Blogger or Google  has made my Reading list disappear, and 'Im very unhappy with them as I can't see all of the blogs I Follow, hopefully it is back soon!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Playing Catch Up

 Since we were all sick at Christmas and it carried on into the beginning of the New Year I thought I better play catch up before we are too far into 2015! So here is my year end review of a few of my Journals and holiday gifts I made. The Lego one was for my 5 year old Grandson to do "his art" and the green one for my 10 year old Grandson to write in, of course he gave it back to me as he wants a lock on it, ha... guess I should have thought of that when I put on the "secrets key". The snowmen Ornies I made were for a few friends and family members. Then the "da bug" set in and that was it for me!
The other 3 Journals are for my Journal Journey over at Roses which  I'm working in for the  2015 JJ project. Hope you stop by to support a great cause and join in the fun too!  Wishing all of you Happy 2015!