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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cottage Colors Party for March "Green"

Welcome to Cottage Colors Blog Party, held the last Monday of every month. Our colors to share for the month of March is Green! So I'm puttin' on the Green for you all to enjoy. Out of the china cabinet is a beautiful hand painted Tea Cup and Saucer by Lena Liu in  her line of "Glorious Chintz". The name of this lovely set is "Exquisite" and that is a perfect description. This set was produced in 1993 and was a series of chintz. Some where along the line I didn't finish the collection and only have about 6 of the sets.  Probably wasn't one of my smarter decisions! The second is a green and white chintz creamer that I had purchased in an antique mall. Very sweet and small and was tucked tight in the china cabinet with the other treasures. Have a great week and thanks all who visit and don't forget to leave a comment on my Blogaversary post in order to have a chance of winning my giveaway and become a follower also. I won't be posting too much this week as I'm trying to get a little blogging break and rest. Love you all and I'll get back to your sweet comments at a later date.  

Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Pink Saturday to all of you Peeps! Have a Pink Peepin' Day!

Happy Pink Saturday to all of you Peeps, feeling a bit tired today so I giving you this "Pink Peep" for some Pink Saturday "Pink" to enjoy! Don't forget to go by Beverly's at  How Sweet the Sound and check out all the great Pink shared by the other gals. I can hardly wait until Spring has Sprung around here, rain, rain go away, go away this Season to Stay! So there you have it! Don't forget  to leave a comment on my Giveaway post and be a follower for my 1 Year Blogaversary Giveaway, it ends April 15th so you all still have some time to hop on board!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

"Prayers For Japan" A Day Of Reflection for Us All

"A Day Of Prayer for Japan" and all those affected by this horrific tragedy and all the others taking place in our universe at this time. It makes our world a smaller place, while we all can control how we chose to live our personal lives by treating others with love, respect and kindness, something like this is beyond our scope of imagination and control. So faraway so many are suffering, lives lost, families separated, there is still much more to unfold, our thoughts and prayers are sent out to you with love, whoever you are and where ever you may be, Love and Prayer is Sent Your Way, Today and Always. I was invited to link this post to Natasha at 5 Minutes For Me. Natasha has a beautiful post for Japan also.

Friday, March 18, 2011


Happy Pink Saturday to all of you, don't forget to go visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound to thank her for hosting this party and see all the other pink party participants. This month I celebrated my "One" Year Blogaversary and I'm having a Giveaway with a Tea Pot for one and 2 mugs with matching spoons and 2  flower shaped plates along with the 2 Irish postcards from 1908, 2 vintage doilies, a tea towel with a cupcake on it that matches the Tea Pot, 3 stamps for crafting, 1 gift pack of note cards with roses on the front, 1 pkg of coasters with butterflies on top, 1 pkg of decorated clothes pins and 1 good sized tot bag for crafting or sewing supplies, so we have some Tea party stuff, some scrapbooking  /paper crafts, some vintage items and more depending on what I find to add to the stash, everything is new or vintage. I promise you won't be disappointed. As it stand now the Giveaway started on the 15th of March and I'm extending it to the 15th of April instead of the 1st so everyone  will have a chance to to enter, especially to make up for Uncle Sam, who may not be giving you anything back! I would like to take the opportunity to thank Cindy from  Cindy's Lew's Studio for honoring me with the Stylish Blogger Award but since I have it already I just wanted to let her know it was appreciated and I'm featuring her this week, go say Hi, she is a real sweetheart. For the Giveaway, leave a comment on my blog so I know you want to enter and be a follower, if you follow and comment  on both blogs that doubles your chances. 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Saint Patrick's Day to All of You in Blogland! Don't Forget to Join in the Giveaway!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone, I hope you can stop by to my First  Blogaversary Party as these postcards are part of the Party Giveaway package! Yep these vintage postcards are dated 1908,  all original and one even has a stamp on the back that has the 1908 postmark on it, how cool is that? The party Giveaway ends the 1st of April, first you need to be a follower and second you need to leave a comment on the original  post  or this one ( the original is on this blog) so I can find you and you will be entered! Get a second chance if you follow my Heartful Creations blog! So easy! Just click on the button to the other blog! GOOD LUCK!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Today We Are Celebrating Our 1st Year Blogaversary / Blogabirthday with "Tea Parties and Crafts" Won't You Join Us?

We are so happy you could join us for our Party today! It is our 1st Year Blogaversary / Blogabirthday and we are celebrating with Tea and Cupcakes! Won't you join us? They are just so Yummy, I think Hebby Baby wants some too. ( I call her Hebby Baby) cause Grams told me that this baby was my Moms when she was 2 years old and the baby was so heavy to carry around, my Mom called her Hebby Baby and the name stayed! She is pretty Hebby heavy! Do you remember when I cleaned her all up? That is on an older post a few weeks back when we were getting ready for the party! I hope you are enjoying our Party today and will come back and leave a comment so we know you were here! We are going to Party until April 1st. then we are having a Big Party Giveaway, just be a follower on Grams blogs and you could win all these goodies pictured on the first pic. We are all about Craftin' and Tea Parties at my Grams house and if you win you will even get a craft bag full of good stuff to get creative with, I have one just like it and we keep adding more stuff, if you win it you will be ready for a Tea Party and Craft day too! We love parties so today we are going to join Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage,  Lady Katherine Tea Parlor,  Martha's Favorites and Tuesday Tea for Two at The Plumed Pen. So that's it for now and all these other Tea Parties are quite a bit fancier than we are this week but I bet they will think that Me and Hebby baby are so much fun they might enjoy our party! The party Giveaway Gift is in the second pic, Me, Hebby baby and the cupcakes aren't included, we ate the cupcakes and Grams says you can't have me and I say you can't have my Hebby baby, she is "special", and Grams says I'm her Special! Hope you had fun!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Don't Forget to Come to Our Blogaversary Tomorrow, March 15th Time to Party!


Friday, March 11, 2011

Welcome to Pink Saturday and Happy Saint Paddy's Day....Sharing Some Pink and Green and Getting Party Ready

Welcome to Pink Saturday and Happy Saint Paddy's Day! Today we are sharing some" Pink and Green" that will be part of our Blogaversary Party, included in the "Party Package Giveaway".  We will have these pink and green treasures with more to be added! Two crocheted vintage doilies, a tidbit plate, the Cupcake Tea Pot and 2 really old vintage post cards that celebrate Saint Paddy's Day. The cards are over 100 years old, we are going to add lots more stuff  to fill up a large  flat rate USPS box! You need to check back to see more. Grams, Hebby Baby and I will be having a party to celebrate on March 15th and hope you will join us. It will be our 1st Year Blogaversary  and we want to Party! My Grams will be having a Giveaway and all you have to do is be a follower and and leave a comment on the 15th, the big day. We want to include many things to appeal to everyones tastes, so we will have some fun stuff, old stuff, creative stuff, just so you can "create" and lots of  This n' That too. I hope you will visit all the Pink Party group and thank our hostess Miss Beverly from How Sweet the Sound for having these Pink Parties, now go visit for some more yummy pink and green goodness! See ya, soon!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Been Busy Feeding the Ducks, Don't forget to Stop By for Pink Saturday to Check Out the Giveaway!

We have been out and busy feeding the Ducks at our local Park today. We have been having some beautiful weather and thought we needed a break and some down time. As you can see this feeding of these wonderful creatures is serious business. Don't forget to stop by for Pink Saturday hosted by Beverly of How Sweet the Sound  to get ready to celebrate our Blogaversary! Just be a Follower to Celebrate and leave a comment on the post and the winner will be announced after March 15th as that is my Blogaversary. One year of blogging and I can't believe how fast time has gone! This Saturday we are celebrating Saint Patrick's Day with a show of Pink or Green or both, does that give you a hint? Heartful Creations is in a transition stage at the moment but don't forget to stop there and take a Peep as new Creations will be added and more bloggy changes will take place! See you all soon!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Whoo-Hoo! Were are Gettin' Ready to Party Over at Heartful Creations!

We are getting ready to Party! Yep, all you Peeps are invited over to check out the new look taking place at Heartful Creations, my Creative blog, the special place where I will be showcasing my latest creation or what may be going up on my Etsy. Any day now we will be presenting one of my friends "Karen" of Valentine Designs latest design, a bloggy work of art. Karen creates such beautiful designs and puts so much time and love into everything she designs. If your blog needs a new look or makeover, treat yourself, maybe you can ask the Easter bunny to get it for you or maybe one of your adult children don't know what else to get you for Mother's Day, well this would be a gift that would last all year long! You can tell, we are pretty excited about feathering up our nest, stop by soon to see the see the new look, subtle and beautiful changes are in store for us, just what we needed! Take a Peep real soon now!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Don't Forget It is Getting Close to Blogaversary! We Gonna Party!

Do you remember how we are getting all spiffied up for our Blogaverisary? We still are and everyone is  preparing for the Big day with a Giveaway Party! The actual day is March 15th, so stay tuned for more party prep, all us girls big and small are fixin' to Party! What do you have to do? Well just be a follower and leave a comment on the Big Day, easy peasy! We gotta get our best party frock on and we just got out of the dryer shower! 

Friday, March 4, 2011


Happy Pink Saturday everyone! Don't forget to go by and visit Beverly at  How Sweet the Sound  for lots of wonderful Pinks and visit all the Pink party bloggers, you may find some really great new blogs to visit! I ran short of time as I have had some extra babysitting hours clocked this week and today was no exception and I'm just out of energy! This was posted on my Heartful Creations blog this week and I thought walaa, I already have a pink photo taken, thank goodness! Pink depression glass divided server and it is a beauty. I have had it since the 1970's I don't know if it is a reproduction run or the earlier version but it is a beauty anyway and Pink! Have fun filled, creative beautiful weekend!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Congratulations to Kelle on the Grand Opening of "The Prim Nest"

Today is the Grand Opening of The Prim Nest, go visit Kelle and the other Artist and see what they have to offer. This is my design shown on Heartful Creations to celebrate Spring and Kelle's opening day of  The Prim Nest