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Monday, March 7, 2011

Whoo-Hoo! Were are Gettin' Ready to Party Over at Heartful Creations!

We are getting ready to Party! Yep, all you Peeps are invited over to check out the new look taking place at Heartful Creations, my Creative blog, the special place where I will be showcasing my latest creation or what may be going up on my Etsy. Any day now we will be presenting one of my friends "Karen" of Valentine Designs latest design, a bloggy work of art. Karen creates such beautiful designs and puts so much time and love into everything she designs. If your blog needs a new look or makeover, treat yourself, maybe you can ask the Easter bunny to get it for you or maybe one of your adult children don't know what else to get you for Mother's Day, well this would be a gift that would last all year long! You can tell, we are pretty excited about feathering up our nest, stop by soon to see the see the new look, subtle and beautiful changes are in store for us, just what we needed! Take a Peep real soon now!


Donnie said...

What a very pretty place your Heartful Creations is. Looking forward to your expansion there.

Ann said...

I am going over right now and check out the new expansion. I love the look of your blog--lovely.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marilou!
Can't wait to see your new decor - enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marilou, You are a busy lady with lots going on getting ready for Spring. I spotted a vintage wig/head stand today very similar to the one you bought and immediately thought of you. See....someone was thinking of you today. :) xoxo Lynn

Daniella said...

I told you I was excited!! I marked it on my calendar, the 15th right???
Lucky you getting a Karen Valentine blog!! You know I LOVE her!! She made mine, and it is exactly what I wanted, she just knew what that was, because I had NO idea what to do! She is awesome, and so are you!!!