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Saturday, March 19, 2011

"Prayers For Japan" A Day Of Reflection for Us All

"A Day Of Prayer for Japan" and all those affected by this horrific tragedy and all the others taking place in our universe at this time. It makes our world a smaller place, while we all can control how we chose to live our personal lives by treating others with love, respect and kindness, something like this is beyond our scope of imagination and control. So faraway so many are suffering, lives lost, families separated, there is still much more to unfold, our thoughts and prayers are sent out to you with love, whoever you are and where ever you may be, Love and Prayer is Sent Your Way, Today and Always. I was invited to link this post to Natasha at 5 Minutes For Me. Natasha has a beautiful post for Japan also.


Natasha in Oz said...

Marilou, this is such a beautiful post and prayer. It is heartbreaking to see the sadness and devastation in Japan. I am praying with you. I would love it if you could link this post up to my blog today. It is dedicated to Japan too.

Best wishes always,

NanE said...

Beautiful images Marilou. I fear the enormity of this tragedy is beyond anything we have seen and I think the average person just can't grasp it. And yet, the Japanese people have carried themselves with so much dignity and perseverance.

Daniella said...

Amen. You said that so well Marilou. it is horrible that this is happening to our world. The natural disasters and the horror happening in other countries by the hands of others. Just awful.

Thank you for saying this. Be well.


Terri said...

Beautiful. My heart felt love and best hopes go out to ever one affected. Thank you so much for sharing this.

Wanda Lee said...

Dear Marilou,

Thanks for sharing this touching and heartfelt post!..,

Indeed our prayers go out to those who suffer from so much loss, pain, heartache and devastation in Japan!

Thanks for caring enough to share this poignant request for prayer and support for Japan dear lady!

What pretty, peaceful postscards.

We also want to mention that miss you at TTTT and also, 'Tuesday Tea for Two' and wish to warmly invite you to once again also re-join us in the fun of the overall experience of, 'Tuesday Tea Time In Blogland'!.., The more the merrier!

Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee,( and Pam).

P.S.~ It is our sincere wish, and therefore we do so very much hope that all of our dear blogging friends will most kindly understand that when Pam and I were not always able to visit in the past that nonetheless we do love and appreciate each and every participant and their lovely blog posts!.., Those of you that have so generously joined us with our weekly, Tuesday tea blog tea parties in the past!..,

..,We endeavoring to do much better now however; (Pam is currently in the midst of selling her house, and two of her sons are getting married very soon. Alas, I am recovering from a chronic health condition after several very busy months). Better days ahead!

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Japan is in my thoughts and prayers. LOVE your tea party! So whimsical!