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Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

Grams Gypsy Goodwitch and Wonder Woman (daughter)
A very tired Spiderman...
Patty Pumpkin
Get me Away from Spidey!
New mom Jenn and the littlest Pumpkin in the Patch
Baby Pumpkin
Pumpkin Sitting!
Whose is the Pumpkin here?? Bwaahaaaa
Ba tGirl and Cat Girl
Happy Halloween and Pink Saturday (not pink) from all of us Pumpkins, Super Heroes and the Big Spidey too!  Here are the Halloween Party Highlights from last weekends Halloween event,  Yes... I can't believe that gigantic Spidey was above us in that pic as I'm a non spider kinda gal. My daughter the (mother of those 3 good reasons to post a late blog) had a Halloween Party for her children, their friends, parents and a few neighbors. The grand kids wanted me to attend and dress up too, so here I am in my Grandma Good Witch Gypsy attire with lots of jewelry, Good Witch T-shirt and gypsy skirt. I went knowing I looked ridiculous and they had fun. Everyone thought I looks liked the gal from Steel Magnolias. TTMF! Today I'm linking up with Beverly from How Sweet the Sound for their Showing of anything goes Halloween.

Monday, October 24, 2011


Joining the Cottage Colors Blog Party today to show you a bit of Aqua, yes mostly red but the Tea Pot is Aqua and I didn't have anything else available in that color. These are the Quilties I made when I was invited to join in a Quiltie Trade over at Sandra's Kayes who is a wonderful and talented quilter. You were to make 3 Quilties of your choice which was to include buttons and be 4x6 in size. These were the ones I created and sent,  a 4th one for the party hostess. It was alot of fun and  I used my Mary Englebreit fabric from my stash, I haven't quilted in a few years so this was something different, usually when I do it is a baby quilt for a gift. Don't forget to go visit all the bloggers that are showing off their vintage aqua and enjoy your visits. Have a wonderful and creative week!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Three Good Reasons for a Late Post

OK Grams, We will hold still for one Pic!
Taa-dum! I'm the Princesses! Does that mean I'm the King?
What's this??.. Gum balls or Candy for Breakfast?
 Whoops, Who Me?
 Umm.....Should I swallow all of them now??? 
What do you mean??? Whats's  in my mouth??
Here Grams, you can have one, I share....
Three good reasons to have a late post this Saturday. Sweet Grandbabies had a sleep over last night and now they are safely home napping I'm sure. Looks like a Halloween party to me. Pizza, milk, cupcakes and candy were a big success. A Halloween children's movie, Grandmas face painting  and camp out was a big success and now Grams needs a nap too. I know there is a little pink in here on my Granddaughters shirt, so I'm linking up with the Pink Saturday crowd over at How Sweet the Sound so you can enjoy more Pinks. Have a great weekend and Happy Halloween from my "lil punkins" to yours!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Getting Ready for Fall and Blogging in Pink!

Getting ready for Fall and blogging in Pink for October. Linking up with Beverly of How Sweet the Sound today! Don't forget to visit all the other Pink loving bloggers and join all the fun as we get ready for Fall. I hope you enjoy the Vintage hankies from my hankie collection and a few more came this week (the 2nd two) that were part of a swap from sweet Kelly of Dreaming of Vintage for me to use in my art projects. Hankies work great in altered books, they are a nice size! Thanks Kelly, I love everything! Please go visit dear Cindy of Whimsical Musings too,  she is in need of good thoughts and prayers for her DH. Have a fun filled and creative weekend!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Autumn Splendor

This beautiful tree in front of our home as been there since we moved in. It is a Chinese Golden Rain tree and now is blooming in all of its Autumn Splendor. A lovely sight to behold and like all things vintage I would say its branches have many stories to tell. The first day of school when our children along with other  neighborhood children would gather to have their photograph taken in that special outfit that was carefully chosen for that First day. Fresh smiling faces full of anticipation and excitement. Then there was  Halloween when the pumpkins were carefully placed here and there and ghost and skeletons would hang from the branches. Then later the winds would blow and all the leaves would fall, what fun it was to rake piles of leaves and then jump on top, only to be raked up all over again. Spring would come with new buds and branches forming  ready to have the bird houses and feeders filled and children climbing to their favorite spot. Summer would come, birthday parties held, pinatas broken, forts built,  Yes, this tree whispers of days past. Now Grandchildren visit, tea parties are held, stories shared and another generation will grace Autumn Splendor leaving more stories to tell. Joining Pink Saturday, don't forget to go visit Beverly and all the lovely pinks shared!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

"Featured Artist" Thank You Cindy!

Today I would like to thank "Cindy" of Shabby Chic Girls Club for honoring me as one of her "Featured Artist". Cindy is amazing and a very giving person and friend in this blogging community and creative world. You may have seen these creations before but this is all I have to share at this time as I have been busy redoing the hovel mess  family room/studio  space so I'm more organized with a more desirable creative work space. Many don't realize that I have another blog  Heartful Creations,  so if you click on this link or the link above this blog (My Creations) it will take you there and I'm sharing my blog badge so you will know who I am. Thank you again Cindy for this wonderful honor, I'm truly humbled that you would feature me as one of your talented artisans.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie!

Aww... let sleeping dogs lie, unless you intend to give lots of Belly rubs!Just puppy love!