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Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Fall for Winter in Sunny CA.

As I was crunching through the crisp leaves on the driveway when  I went outside I thought I would share the lovely tree in our Front yard as it has been recently cool enough for the tree to turn colors. Usually the leaves are all blown away but this year has given us a taste of Fall for our Winter.

Leaving you with another beautiful gift that arrived before the holidays from my Dear friend Annette Graves, it was MIA for awhile and it seems our mail system is not what it used to be but it did finally arrive and I dearly love it! I would have posted sooner but we have had "da bug" as my granddaughter would call it so Im trying to get back into the swing of things, though not quite up to par yet(: 
Annette if you read this, know you are loved, xoxo  and I love my gift, thank you so much! I would add your blog link to this, however  Blogger or Google  has made my Reading list disappear, and 'Im very unhappy with them as I can't see all of the blogs I Follow, hopefully it is back soon!

1 comment:

Jackie PN said...

I recognized Annette's beautiful fairy straightaway! Love the dark colors- very rich! Lucky you- Marilou!
Hope you are on the mend soon xo