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Friday, April 30, 2010


Not much has been accomplished this week in the way of creativity as crazy California winds have played havoc with my sinuses and energy due to a medical issues, but after a week of a Z-pack I'm on the mend. The lack of care to the plants on my porch is sad to see but the wonderful 100 lb  Staghorn fern never lets me down. Poor plant needs a dose of TLC and warmer weather conditions but still keeps going. The fern is so heavy that I'm no longer able to move it and is actually hanging from a meat hook since it did come down once and it required 2 adults to secure it back in place, thus the meat hook worked. It did start out small!! I must be doing something right or it just likes the location. I'm going out now to give that dose of TLC and look forward to a more productive week. 


Unknown said...

Magnificent thing!!!! :-) I LOVE Staghorn ferns.
~ Deb

Unknown said...

Thanks Deb, The one plant now never lets me down!

The Rustic Victorian said...

Wow, amazing fern, I think every thing grows well in CA. do you have citrus trees? I lived in San Pedro in the 70's and worked in Long Beach..we could have crossed paths...well I am sorry we didn't.
I am glad you are feeling better,,that darn pollen..it has been bad here this spring...I am lucky I don't have allergies,,it is messy however.
Have a nice weekend!

Unknown said...

Thanks for all your nice comments Marcie, I would have loved to have crossed paths with you, better late than never, even if it is via the web. No citrus trees, one behind me though, sometimes those lemons hang right over the fence and I can't let them go to waste! Lol