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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Coffee Cubes.... Love your ice coffee or favorite Starbucks iced, make your own and save $$. No need to waste one drop of coffee if you have some left over in the morning, simply purchase an old ice-cube tray or find one in the Goodwill, Dollar Store or 99cents store and take that remaining coffee from the morning, pour it into the tray, slip it into the freezer and when you are ready for that iced coffee or latte, make your own as now you are ready, Easy-peasy!

1 comment:

Rebecca Nelson said...

Super-duper idea for my Mr. AGPMan. I'm a tea drinker and although I know I'm STRANGE I just can't handle coffee. I try and try and try but finally it was so weak that my sister said one day "Beck...you drink tinted water!" so I finally gave up. LOVE THE SMELL of it though!

Anyway...instead of pouring the daily pot OUT I'm going to freeze it now!