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Thursday, June 2, 2011


Did you hear the news? No, not yet?  Well it's time, yes.... time to Party!!! Blog Party that is!  So much fun, and........
time to feather that Creative Nest of yours, the big creative spaces blog party is taking place soon, right over at Karen's, yep keep reading...........
 Karen Valentine of  My Desert Cottage  is having her 3rd Annual Creative Spaces Blog Party!! If you love to create and would love to join the party all you have to do is go sign up and you will be able to show off your favorite space or spot that you enjoy working in. Time to clean up, fluff those feathers in your nest and organize your favorite spot, umm... I have lots of cleanin' and fluffin' to do myself! This is a great party and helps to get creative ideas for storage and display for your working environment.  My Creative spot is going to be shown of on my Heartful Creations Blog this year. By the way did you know that Karen is a great blog designer? Here is her link for Valentine Design, and she designs Etsy banners too!  Karen has a wonderful blog, tutorials and puts on a great Party each year, designs blogs, (including both of mine) and my Etsy banner too! Karen produced an online Building Beautiful Blogs Guidebook and she is going to be one of the Guest Speakers at the Creative Connection Convention. Yep, she is amazing, I don't know how she accomplishes it all, but she does! Luv' ya, Karen!


Daniella said...

I am so excited! I just have to HOPE that my new creative space is tip top by then!
Karen is awesome!

Karen Valentine said...

Marilou you have to be the sweetest lady in Blogland!!! Thank you for all your support and praise. You truly make me smile every time we chat or come and visit. Big Hugs to you!!!