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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Quiltie Swap with Sandra Kaye

Hi Peeps! Sharing with you today the Quiltie's I received last moth from the Quiltie Swap hosted by the lovely  Sandra Kaye.  I'm so behind on posting these as I had been sick and now before months end I thought it would be nice to get them acknowledged:)  The one on top is created by Lynette Hammit, a non blogger, then the Heart on the left is from  Carolyn in Canada  and the Sun Bonnet Sue is from Laura in England. So fun to have these "Quiltie's" from all around the country:)  Thanks ladies for your little Quiltie bits of Art, I love them all:) Now I'm off to see the Hunger Games with my son so I can keep up with the "younger generation" in my family. 


Kathy said...

These are lovely! I hope you're doing well today and having a marvelous day,

Terri said...

Oh how sweet! Lovely little quilties!

I am sorry you have not been well. I do hope that you feel completely better very soon : )

Jenna said...

Those quilties are so pretty, the blue one is my favorite :o) I hope you enjoyed the movie, I can't wait to see it! Have a beautiful weekend! Hugs Jennifer

Sandra Kaye said...

I am so glad you loved them..I think the Ladies did a n awesome job!! Hugs-- and feel better Sweetie :) Sandra Kaye

Marlynne said...

Glad your back on the mend! Your music comees and goes, I don't know if it's on your end or mine? I'm working on my flower blogs today!