Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Angels Said "No Music In Blogland"?

Did anyone else notice that all the music has disappeared in Blogland? It seems that the Grinch may have stopped by and run off with our Tunes.  Missing the music so I'll share a few Tags I recently created for my swap group over at Roses. If you find our music give me a heads up and I'll love ya foreva!!


JENNIFER said...

I miss the music too. :o( The tags a beautiful! Have a nice evening! hugs Jennifer

Annette said...

oh I did notice it Marylou but just thought it was my site messed up. They just keep messing with us on the music. Pretty tags. xoxo

Tracie Dean said...

These are so beautiful!! Love the sparkle!!

Rebecca said...'s gone. Fooey! I'm so upset...I hope it comes back soon!

I used Mix Pod because Playlists had ads and I hated them.

Now we have NOTHIN' but silence.


Hope you are GREAT!


The Polka Dot Closet said...

Love your tags and yes, I saw and heard that the music Grinch had taken eveyones music!!