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Friday, May 31, 2013

Ta Daa... Finished My Pink Scarf Project

I'm so happy to finally have finished my "Pink Scarf" for the Pink Scarf Project hosted by   Vicki of 2 Bags Full   to support woman with breast cancer and breast cancer survivors. This has been a year long project that Vicki has hosted and I signed up in the beginning and have had until this September to finish it. I'm not the fastest knitter or crocheter but I aim to get the job done. Now all I need to do is find a pretty box to place it in and write a note or card for the recipient and it will be in the mail to Vicki who will handle distributing them. I made this scarf dedicated to the Memory of my life long Best friend of 25 years,  "Kathryn Fay Murray" who lost her fight to cancer at the young age of 55  in 1999.  So for you my Angel friend, may you be smiling down from the Heavens as you remain in my heart forever...... miss you still
Fay has a Granddaughter that she never was able to see that is now about 10 years old. That is her baby pic and her namesake "Phoebe Fay" born years later on  what would have been Fay's birthday, how ironic to have a first Grandchild,  a  baby girl born on her Grandmother's birthday.......                                                                                                       


My Creative House said...

Hi my sweet friend now I can comment on your blog again, your scarf is very beautiful, love the small roses, wonderful collage card, a great way to remember your friend on.
Hugs Anni

romance-of-roses said...

Dear Friend Marilou,
So happy to be back and thank you for your sweet visit. I am not done with my scarf yet, yours is beautiful. I know someone will be very happy to receive it.

Jenny's Heart said...

So very pretty and such a sweet project.
Looks like you did a great job.

Unknown said...

Yes, I CAN Comment again..I was having such a hard time..tried a few times with no results...I love this scarf..so pretty. Love the roses the best..I'm happy to be able to tell you that..we take comments for granted until....we can't!!!Hugs...

Daniella said...

Hi ML!!!
I've missed you so much!! I'm so glad you visited me!! I'm sooo sorry I have been missing lately. So much going on!!
I love your scarf and the sentiment that goes with it! You are a special lady!!
love to you!!

Annette said...

Your scarf is beautiful and the roses just set it off. Well done my friend. xo

Daniella said...

How are you sweet lady? I hope you are wonderful!! Remember when I won that gorgeous egg and nest from your blog giveaway? And, you threw in a few halloween things? WELL, I decorated the 2 pumpkin treat bags and sent them in for publication. Not only did they get published, but they were in the spotlight!!! I wrote all about it on my blog and told everyone that you sent me the bags and a bunch of good luck too!!! You are the most awesome person!! THANK YOU!!! Keep sending me those good vibes my friend!! You will get them back 10fold!!

Terri said...

Your scarf is a work of love, and so beautiful. I am sure some dear woman will be very comforted by it.
I am so sorry about your friend.

Curtains in My Tree said...

Is there any one ? who has not lost a dear precious friend or family member to cancer ? NO

Marilou I like your name I have a dear sweet cousin named Marilou my only girl cousin

I forgot where I seen your comment on another blog, just wanted to say hi