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Friday, September 5, 2014

"Claire" An Outlander Inspiration

Happy Friday everyone, bloggers, FB friends and creators everywhere:)

I'm  kind of behind on my post these days, I'm sorry to say.  Unfortunately it is still pretty warm here so I'm not to motivated to do much of anything except try and stay cool! I have finished up my Art Doll class over at Artful Gathering and managed to complete three dolls. The third one I will save closer to Halloween by the way:) This is my second doll  I completed after starting to watch the new series "Outlander" on Starz1. It has been on about a month and I love it, I know probably some of you have read the book but I haven't so no Spoiler tales here:)

"Claire" has been whisked back in time from the early 1900's  about 200 years so somewhere into the 1700's . She is suspected to be a Witch but I don't know thus far if she is or not. This is my version of "Claire" as a Witch  and a pretty one she is. If you haven't started watching it yet, I highly recommend it.

I have started back on my CQ 2014 and I'm working on block # 5 of my "Lovely Ladies" Quilt and it is coming right along, hopefully I will get caught up on the blocks and will be sharing with you before long.  Until then stay cool, keep creating and enjoying your days, spend them well they are a gift:)


Janet Ghio said...

Oh Marilou-I love her. The house on her head is just great and you are right, she is really pretty! We don't get STARZ so I will have to wait until the series comes to netflix or amazon to watch!!

Jackie PN said...

Oh Marilou!! She is wonderful!!! I have never seen the show you speak of, but will definitely check it out! I love the look of her face! Her haunted house hat is too die for! heehee we all need one! Did you make that from scratch?( you should be creating and selling my dear- you have these dolls down!) I love everything about her-
She is gorgeous!

Laurie said...

I'm watching Outlander, too! A huge fan of the series, squee!

Kathi said...

Oh Marilou!
She's marvelous! The Outlander series is my most treasured set of books in the entire universe. I haven't watched the show yet... I gave up cable for the year and will have to wait. That's okay- I'll just reread the books for the one millionth time ! Look forward to seeing more of your creations! You are such a talented gal <3

Charmed Confections said...

Hi my sweet Diamond! I have not forgot about you .. you are forever! Love this new piece Marilou! She is sooo INCREDIBLE!! WOW!! Have I missed a lot with you. Hope all is wonderful in your world. I see that you are still is!! XOXO LeeAnn

Judys Lace Creations said...

Love this little creation!