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Friday, January 7, 2011

Badge Pic's

After much thought, changing and changing some more and some more I finally decided to change all my profile badges on everything that I'm connected to as they should be the same for less confusion of who I am, for you that are my followers, I'm not crazy just still a little techie challenged on all this cyber stuff so now all my pic's on everything match. I chose my blog badge as it is the most recognizable by everyone and it matches my blogs. Thank you Karen for my blog design that I doubt I'll ever tire of as you created it to be so beautiful, so if anyone needs a blog makeover and is techie challenged like my self, Karen of Valentine Design is the one to create wonderful bloggy magic! Hugs to you today Karen you have taken the time to teach me alot!

1 comment:

Bellisima said...

wow!!!kis from Poland:):):)