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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Dog Days of Summer

Lazy summer days and lots of heat in So. Ca. has definitely slowed me down however I have been taking a class over at Artful Gathering, "A Romantic Journey on Canvas" with the talented Debby Anderson. A great class with fun techniques used in artful ways. Now I have worked with all the products and techniques in other ways suggested in class I had not combined them in such a way that I would be applying them to canvas. A great way to take something old and look at it in a new light.
I'll be using these techniques  again in the future for sure with my own twist:)

Now for those of you looking for a dog I leave you with one of  my furry treasures! Doesn't Nikki look like he has had enough heat, I think so!

Looking forward for a nice cool crisp Fall for sure with more creative energy and back to my Studying Under The Masters classes.
Until then stay cool my blogging friends and I hope you stop by soon as it seems everyone has migrated to Facebook and left blogging by the wayside, I guess we can thank Google for that, oh well this is what they call progress............................... need I say more


Janet Ghio said...

Hi Marilou!! I love your piece that you made at Artful Gathering! It is beautiful. Your pup looks like he has had enough of the summer heat too!! In Missouri where it is usually hot and humid in August--we are having a cool spell--the temp is only suposed to be 69 today!! Strange weathr, but I'll happily take it!! I still read blogs altho I have gotten very lazy about posting on mine!!

Dreaming of Vintage said...

Hi Marilou! Welcome back, it's nice to hear from you! Your canvas is beautiful, I can't stop looking at it! Poor Nikki! My little orange man doesn't like the heat either. Speaking of heat and animals, I saw a squirrel in my yard yesterday sprawled out on top of my bird bath that I had just cleaned and filled with cold, fresh water. What a brat huh? I wish I would've had my camera ready! Have a wonderful rest of the week Marilou. Talk to you soon!

Judys Lace Creations said...

Lovely canvas. Poor doggie.The heat gets to them as much as it does us doesn't it?
Just heading into Spring here in Oz.

Jeanie said...

I think our summer is finally leaving us here in Michigan and hope yours is lightening up. Your canvas is lovely and so is your sweet dog!