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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I have decided that it is time to get started on Blogging on a regular basis. In between my week of creating and many others daily tasks I thought I would start with sharing some valuable knowledge. Some you may have heard of, some not. Check back every Tuesday to see if you find any tip that you may have not known or have heard and just forgotten about. Today I'm sharing valuable info about Clothes Dryers. It is easy to actually burn out the heating unit and not know why it ever happened. After all we all clean our lint screens, however if one uses fabric softener sheets over a period of time a film builds up on the lint screen filter. It may look clean but if you run water through it you may find the water may just sit there and not run through the mesh. You can't See the film but if it is there it is a potential Fire hazard aside from burning up your heating element. Solution, Wash your filter with hot soapy water and an old soft tooth brush about every 6 months to remove waxy build up. Takes only a few minutes to do but may be very cost effect in the long run. Your clothes will dry faster and you save energy at the same time. Now go check that filter! Have a great day!!


Unknown said...

Handy tip! I'm off to check our lint catcher right now. :-)

The Rustic Victorian said...

Oh! good idea,thanks!