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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Its A Wrap... The New Year Has Officially Begun

 It's a wrap and the holidays are over, packed up and put away for another year, Finally, so much fun to prepare, decorate, but not so much fun to take down and put away. Not sure why that part always seems to take so long to get done but now it is behind us and a whole New year has begun! Who-hoo.. I just thought I would share one post with a few of Winter and a little Candy (cane) for Christmas. These are the Quilties I received from Sandra Kaye's  Quiltie Swap and they were delayed as Sandie was out of commission for a bit during the holidays. I know she is much better though and I'm sure she would love a visit from you all. The top one is from Lori Beda, (no blog) and the next one down is from Bonnie Stapleton   In Stitches With Bonnie  and the last one is from  Marlynne Snare  who is a fairly new blogger. Sure are lots of fun and creative people out here in this wonderful world of blogland!  See ya all soon, I 'll try and keep up better on my blogging now the holidays are over!


Sandra Kaye said...

I just love going through my blog reader and seeing quilties from my trade on every one's blogs. I am glad you liked them. Every one really out did them selves this time. ::):):) Many hugs to you MamaLou!! Hugs

Unknown said...

These are beautiful. I have never seen 'Quilties' before. That's what's great about following many blogs..there is always something new to learn. I'm not crafty, but love to see those who are..
Let the year begin..we have a snow day today...inside cruising blogs is fun to do..